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Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal in Galveston Island, TX

Whether a natural disaster strikes or the sink is left running while you’re away for the weekend, water damage might devastate a house and cause significant damage to personal goods. We have years of experience managing and recovering properties that have been damaged by water. We can restore the safety and beauty to your property. Our first objective is to reestablish families in their homes, and we will do everything necessary to accomplish this as soon as possible.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Please call our phone number or fill out the form below, tell us what kind of problem you are facing and we will help you repair any damage immediately.

Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair

From bathroom and kitchen remodels to painting and restoration work, we do it all. When disaster hits your home and there’s an emergency, you can call on us to arrive quickly and fix the situation calmly and efficiently. Our skilled crews are absolute experts when it comes to construction and they use those skills to fix and repair your home better than it was before. With our commitment to high-quality and honest work, we’ll take care of your home as if it were our own and at a price you can afford. That’s the Buffalo way.

Water Damage Restoration and Residential Home Remodeling Services


Water Damage Restoration

If you discover water damage in your home, the first thing you should do is contact Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair Services. Our emergency response team is on call 24 hours a day and ready to assist you immediately. Certified, experienced specialists will conduct an assessment to determine what additional steps are necessary to repair any water damage. They will then assess any potential safety hazards and secure any contents before beginning the restoration process.

Home Remodeling Services

We’ve developed an incredible reputation locally for creating beautiful work on time and within budget, and we’d love the opportunity to demonstrate that reputation to our future clients as well as you.

We take it a step further than others by genuinely listening to your vision, guiding you to understand the best path forward, and then assisting you in making that vision a reality.

What People Are Saying About Us

“I called to get a quote for motor radiation and I hired bufflao home Remodelling and they d8d a great job for an great price.”
– Deprise Cravin
“Loved the service, these guys were professional and efficient, would definitely use them again for any additional services.”
– Giovanni Dean
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Reach out to us, describe what you are trying to create and we will provide a detailed explanation of how we can make your dream come true!

Water Damage Repair, Disaster Restoration, and Mold Remediation Services

We respond quickly to residential and commercial disasters, whether they are caused by water, fire, smoke, mold, or a combination of all four. You can rely on us from start to finish! Call now: (832) 329-6041
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please call right away.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Fire can be extremely destructive to you, your family, and your possessions. It is critical to contact a fire damage restoration expert immediately to avoid further damage and to try and recover your possessions. Fire and smoke restoration should begin immediately, as the smoke residue is acidic and will corrode and stain surfaces permanently if left untreated. Smoke damage restoration also entails odor elimination. It is critical to eliminate odors because they can spread to clothing, furniture, carpeting, and even into the air ducts.

Mold Remediation and Removal

It’s always disturbing to find mold growth on your property, as it poses a threat to your health and structural integrity. Mold is frequently present as a result of water damage or other sources of excess moisture. Because wood, drywall, and other building materials contain cellulose, a commonly consumed source for mold, they are frequently affected by mold. Without appropriate remediation and removal, mold growth will spread and cause irreversible damage.

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

When water damage occurs, our water damage restoration experts will discover and remove any standing or hidden water. Whether it’s sewage cleanup or burst pipes, our water extraction devices are up to the task. If mold is discovered in your home, our mold testing and restoration methods will ensure that your indoor air quality is also restored to normal. We will clean and restore any fire or smoke damage, as well as any soot or smoke odors. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an accident, or an unplanned disaster, we’re here to help you get back to normal.

Sewage Backup Extraction

Not only is sewage an awful mess, but it can also cause significant damage in a short period of time. Porous materials, including drywall and wood, will absorb excess water and soon become soiled as a result. The health risks associated with sewage should not be overlooked. Its presence puts at risk the health and safety of everyone who enters your home, as it spreads its bacteria throughout the structure. People exposed to this substance may develop a variety of illnesses and infections.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Because mold eats away the material, it will end up destroying the wood, drywall, or whichever other surface it grows on. This can deteriorate the affected materials, resulting in significant structural damage to your home or building. Besides this, mold has a pungent, unpleasant odor that can permeate the entire property if the source material is not removed completely.

Mold exposure causes allergic reactions and infections in building occupants, particularly those with weakened immune systems. Mold can cause a variety of common allergy symptoms, including migraine, itchy skin, coughing, eye irritation and throat, and sinus infections. Respiratory infections can be a significant risk for those who are frequently exposed to mold. If you ignore mold growth on your property, the potential health risks will increase.

Home Remodeling Services

We understand that remodeling projects in your home can be disruptive and unpleasant, and we’re here to help you feel better. We use our comprehensive knowledge to provide you with a less disruptive remodeling approach and an end product that is both attractive and profitable.

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen, by far the most essential room in the house, is not simply a functional space where your family gathers to prepare, cook, and share meals; it has been regarded as the real heart and soul of the house. However, if it is damaged, out of date, cluttered, or dysfunctional, it is unlikely to be a place where your family naturally gravitates, is it? A brand new kitchen may seamlessly combine comfort, beauty, and convenience, assisting in the creation of the ideal sanctuary for the family to gather. Homeowners frequently remodel their kitchens to raise the value of their property when it comes time to sell.

Bathroom Remodels

Your bathroom is a vital part of your house. Not only is it a room you use on a daily basis, but bathrooms, along with kitchens, are two of the important rooms homebuyers inspect when purchasing a home. Bathroom styles, like those of other rooms in your home, are subject to change. While green and yellow bathrooms and sinks were once fashionable, they are today regarded seriously out of date. Remodeling your bathroom to bring it into the modern-day is a sufficient reason. It could be as simple as repainting it a different color and upgrading the fixtures, or it could involve a complete remodel.

Interior Remodeling

While there are numerous reasons to remodel your home, your own comfort and satisfaction should not be ignored. If you remodel only for the sake of increasing the future sale price, you risk living in a showplace that does not feel like a home. Your comfort and happiness come first, not which upgrades will generate the most revenue when you eventually sell. You must determine why you want to remodel your home and which modifications will benefit you the most. Whatever the case may be, our team would gladly speak with you and recommend a course of action.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a critical component of routine home maintenance. Unfortunately, because the dirt is hidden away, it is also the most frequently forgotten home maintenance work. Due to the nature of the outside air and the presence of various contaminants, your air duct system will accumulate a variety of pollutants that are dangerous to health and safety over time.

Luckily, there is a way to eliminate these contaminants from the air: duct cleaning. We can provide you with routine duct cleaning to ensure that you and your family breathe clean, healthy air.

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