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Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal in Katy, TX

We provide great services for flooded homes. We’ll thoroughly analyze the damage to your property and come up with a plan for restoring it before you realize it. Our crew will be at your residence as soon as possible, fully equipped with all of the equipment necessary to begin the water extraction process that day.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Please call our phone number or fill out the form below, tell us what kind of problem you are facing and we will help you repair any damage immediately.

Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair

From bathroom and kitchen remodels to painting and restoration work, we do it all. When disaster hits your home and there’s an emergency, you can call on us to arrive quickly and fix the situation calmly and efficiently. Our skilled crews are absolute experts when it comes to construction and they use those skills to fix and repair your home better than it was before. With our commitment to high-quality and honest work, we’ll take care of your home as if it were our own and at a price you can afford. That’s the Buffalo way.

Water Damage Restoration and Residential Home Remodeling Services


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a regular occurrence due to a variety of possible causes, which include strong rainfalls, flooding, sewage backups, burst pipes, and leaks. If left ignored, water damage can result in significant structural damage and mold growth.

We provide water damage restoration services to residents and businesses in the Katy, TX. We are educated and prepared to remove water and moisture from your home or building, followed by drying, cleaning, and repairing any damage.

Home Remodeling Services

We take pride in our experience and commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations when it comes to complete home, bathroom, and kitchen remodels in Katy. All of our home remodeling work is customized for each client and comes with a satisfaction guarantee and an affordable price tag.

This is accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the homeowner’s requirements. We have a crew prepared to take on any project, from large-scale remodels to minor kitchen upgrades.

What People Are Saying About Us

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Reach out to us, describe what you are trying to create and we will provide a detailed explanation of how we can make your dream come true!

Water Damage Repair, Disaster Restoration, and Mold Remediation Services

We respond quickly to residential and commercial disasters, whether they are caused by water, fire, smoke, mold, or a combination of all four. You can rely on us from start to finish! Call now: (832) 329-6041
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please call right away.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Are you feeling overwhelmed and in need of dependable fire damage restoration services? Our fire restoration crew will quickly respond. They have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide superior fire and smoke damage restoration.

There is so much to do following a fire, and time is key. We will work quickly to seal any openings to keep out the elements and prevent unwanted entry. We will remove and repair large amounts of debris. Smoke is capable of doing damage on its own. Much of this is preventable, but only if the appropriate procedures are taken in the first few hours.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Most types of mold are extremely toxic, releasing chemicals into the air that can cause severe problems such as organ damage if exposed for an extended period of time. A mold problem can quickly escalate into a major problem, which is why it is crucial to understand how to identify one and to hire a trained specialist to perform mold remediation and mold removal.

Mold spreads rapidly due to the release of microscopic, nearly undetectable spores that float freely in the air. These spores are found almost everywhere outside and frequently find their way indoors as well.

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

Are you in need of professional water damage restoration services? Flooding, whether caused by excessive rain or a burst pipe, may cause chaos to your home and possessions. Although it almost always occurs unexpectedly, reaction time is important. Removal of water must happen immediately to limit the damage. Immediate action blocks further deterioration and begins the process of restoring your life to normal. When a flooding disaster strikes, you require skilled assistance immediately. Our highly qualified technicians are available 24/7. They arrive on the scene equipped and capable of extracting water from your property.

Sewage Backup Extraction

No homeowner should undertake sewage backup or overflow cleanup. Water, such as sewage, should be cleaned up by an expert who has the tools and experience to remove the sewage safely and thoroughly and then sanitize the area.

Sewer backups must be treated as an emergency because the water may include viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can cause serious diseases. Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair professionals have special training and equipment for cleaning contaminants such as sewage efficiently and safely.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold growth on your property can result in a variety of complications, ranging from structural damage to serious health risks. It is a frequent event as a result of untreated or ignored water damage. When porous construction components such as drywall, wood, and insulation are exposed to excessive moisture and water, the ideal habitat for mold growth is produced. It can also have a negative impact on the health of those who are exposed, which is why it is critical to consult a mold remediation expert.

We offer comprehensive mold removal services for residential and commercial properties in Katy, Texas. We will do a complete inspection of the property to detect the mold and then remove it safely utilizing innovative products and equipment.

Home Remodeling Services

A complete home remodel is a significant job that requires a remodeling company with experience managing long-term projects. As a full-service contractor, we collaborate with you from concept to completion of your project. Our years of experience managing whole house renovations make us an excellent choice for complete home remodeling projects. Our team is skilled at planning, designing, and executing complete home remodels. If you’re looking for a trustworthy contractor for your whole house remodel, pick Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair Services.

Kitchen Remodels

Are you looking for a kitchen that is as unique as you are? Whatever the size of your kitchen, there are many considerations. Ensuring that everything is functional and fits, from cabinet arrangement, colors, and style, to floor and countertop material. We want you to know one thing: regardless of what you’re thinking, we will assist you every step of the way.

Bathroom Remodels

We can totally transform your bathroom, modify it for medical purposes, or simply create a luxury and peaceful spa-like ambiance. We never compromise on either quality or aesthetics, always creating the most gorgeous bathroom facilities for our customers to enjoy for years to come. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your bathroom remodeling project.

Interior Remodeling

At Buffalo Home Remodeling & Water Damage Repair Services, we believe in providing superior workmanship at a reasonable price. We do not strive to be the cheapest provider; rather, we strive to suit your budget within a realistic scope of work while sticking to the best building standards. Our goal is to help you bring your dream into reality and be there every step of the way.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dust and filth infiltrate homes and heating and air conditioning systems on a regular basis. By cleaning furnaces and air conditioners on a regular basis, homeowners can keep the majority of dirt out of the indoor circulating air. However, it is a wise decision to have your system’s ducts properly cleaned every three to five years by qualified and certified specialists.

The main reason people must consider investing in periodic duct cleaning is to improve the air quality in their homes. There are numerous advantages to having the dust removed from the ducting.

Need Help Now?

Contact us and describe the damage to your home or the remodeling project you’re considering, and we’ll provide a full explanation of how we can help make your dream a reality.

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– Catherine O.
“Such a surreal experience. The team were professional and cordial also. Highly recommend..”
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“Great company. Respectful crew members. I recommend this company to everyone.”
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“Very professional and provided great service. All work was completed in a timely manner.”
– Jessica Lewis

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